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F2E Series Injectors

Delphi is extending its offerings to cover a range of remanufactured F2E series injectors. This Volvo®/Mack® application incorporates a common rail fuel system utilizing three pumping and three non-pumping injectors. This new design eliminates the need for additional pumping elements. Delphi replaces all critical components and high-wear items on its remanufactured F2E series injectors with OE parts. Each injector is tested on a custom OE end-of-the-line production machine where all units are checked for leaks, injection pressure, fuel delivery and timing.

Features and benefits:
  • New nozzle, Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP) spring, control valve, electrical connector to ensure optimal performance and service life

  • 100% O-ring and seal replacement to ensure proper sealing

  • New unique trim code to ensure peak performance

  • 12-month unlimited mileage warranty